You only know my name...

... but not my STORY.

Answer for question 4475.
What were your biggest plans for 2015 when the year began? With the year over half gone now, how have your plans progressed and/or changed? If you could change one thing that has happened so far this year, what would it be and why?
I set goals each year to accomplish and so far so good. Sadly, there are blunders on the way but I promised I would make my career right this year so still on the right track.
Fingers crossed though that by the end of the year, I've accomplished, if not all, then a lot.

Answer for question 4264.
If someone has a problem with something you’ve done, do you prefer they confront you directly? Why or why not? When you're the one who needs to tell someone about a problem, what's your method of doing so?
I would like to be able to talk to the person if they've wronged me and I would appreciate it if they would be able to talk to me too if I had wronged them because we might not realize that we have already offended someone. So rather than bitch about it behind other people's backs, it'll be mature to approach them and talk to them about it.
I usually talk to people but I don't embarrass them in public. I talk to them in private.

Begin again.
red hot
I have been gone for a long time. I have met a lot of wonderful people here and communicated with them regularly before. I went away 2 years ago when LJ kept crashing. But it looks like they've fixed the problem.

I was saddened though when I realized some of the amazing people I've met here are no longer using LJ or has stopped logging in. I can't blame them and I did go away for a time too so I fully understand.

I wanted to make a new account and to start fresh. But this account has too much memories and Im hoping my old friends, the ones who has stopped logging in will come back again. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they will.

But that doesn't mean I can't make new friends. ;-D

So I'm AJ and I'm a bibliophile, an addict to Muzik and a fangirl. 

hello everyone!!!

I have been gone for a really, really long time! How is everyone? Are my friends still here? I hope you guys didn't delete me. It just sucks because my computer got busted and it took a while for me to have it replaced. Then my internet connection started acting crazy and had to have that checked too. 

Anyway, I hope you guys are still here... and still willing to start fresh with me again! ;-) 

Writer's Block: Karaoke Time
This is a laugh trip for me because my friends and I enjoy going to karaoke nights.

Okey, the songs would be:
Always - Bon Jovi
Amazing -  Aerosmith
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
The Remedy - Jason Mraz
Somebody to Love - Queen
Name five songs to which you know all the lyrics. (Better yet, sing them.)

(no subject)
Oh Livejournal!!!!

How I've missed you!!!

Writer's Block: Tearjerkers
red hot
Hmm... I'll give top 10 movies that i can remember.

1. Sassy Girl - not the english version but the asian version
2. While you were sleeping - very nice speech by sandra bullock's character at the wedding
3. The Blind Side
4. Fireproof
5. The Bucketlist
6. Armageddon (the farewell scene of liv tyler and bruce willis)
7. Toy Story 3 
8. Beaches
9. Titanic (obviously!!)
10. If only
Which movie always makes you cry?

Writer's Block: Happy New Year!
adik to muzik
1. Lessen carbonated drink and coffee intake.
2. Drink more water.
3. Stay fit! 
4. Sleep more! (Definitely!)
5. Save, Save, SAVE!!!
6. Won't be tardy and sickly.
7. Write more.
8. Lengthen my patience.
9. Meditate.
10. Watch my tongue. ;-)

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Writer's Block: Scents and sensibility
fun face
I have a weird sense of smell. At least that's what they tell me.

I like the smell of a match when it's lit.
I like the smell of rain when it first hits a very warm pavement. 
Freshly brewed coffee and the smell of something baking!
The smell of old books especially the ones wherein the pages have darken brown with age. (shrugs!)
The smell of newly sharpened pencils and the photocopy papers. (This, my Mom said was because when she was pregnant with me, she used to inhale pencils!)
And the smell of antiseptic when I enter the Operating Room suites.

Anyone else thinks my nose is weird? ;-) 

What is your favorite smell?

Writer's Block: American Music Awards
adik to muzik
Wow! There are a lot of people voting for Beatles. Of course, their phenomenon success and contribution to the music industry was extraordinary. 

I appreciate music and there are a lot of artists that I look up to. Beatles is also one of the bands I admire. I used to play Beatles songs when I first started learning how to play the guitar. However, personally, my bet would be Queen. And for this decade, Coldplay! ;-) 
Who is the best musician or band of all time?


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